Ready. Set. Success!

Ready. Set. Success! is a new interactive course aimed, primarily, at older teenagers and university students.

Unfortunately, a lot of modern schools are so focussed on getting the students ‘through the system’ and having all the required boxes ticked, and teachers are so busy training the students for their multiple exams, that there is very little, if any at all, time left for the students to focus on real life learning skills.

This leaves students poorly prepared to face such ‘real life’ challenges as meeting university deadlines, taking responsibility for one’s own learning, managing  one’s time, and even setting goals and priorities both in and outside the classroom.

As a result a lot of us struggle with our studies and even work life later on – some drop out of school, others can’t manage their time and, as a result, feel stressed, tired, and, evetually, completely burnt out.

  • Course dates: January 29, 2018 – May 20, 2018
  • Course length 16 lessons,  1 lesson = 1 week
  • Course assessment: 1 written assignment per week, with weekly and/or monthly feedback
  • Course certificate: on-line, also available in print on-demand (postage expenses to be covered by the student)
  • Level(s): Intermediate (B1) – Proficiency (C2)
  • Course price: EUR 80, to be paid at once or in two istalments (2 x EUR 40)


This course is aimed at helping students to acquire a set of important life/learning skills. Sixteen week-long modules will provide you with extensive information on the following topics:

  1. Setting goals
  2. Finding motivation
  3. Determining one’s learning style
  4. Time management
  5. Becoming an effective memeber of a working group
  6. A ‘lone wolf’ – working effectively on one’s own
  7. Critical thinking skills and asking the right questions
  8. Effective reading strategies
  9. Research: finding the right and reliable sources of information
  10. Avoiding plagiarism: rewriting and copywriting techniques
  11. Note-taking
  12. Making the most out of your exams
  13. Setting up long-term projects
  14. Revisiting goals and changing direction
  15. Preparing a talk and public speaking
  16. Becoming competent (and confident)


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