Dear friends,

My name is Kate Kazanovska and I am a teacher, teacher trainer, and and independent course designer and educational consultant.

I specialise in English and have been working in this area for over ten years, building my career with International House Riga, then continuing it with International House Malta-Gozo in the role of an Assistant Director of Studies, and now designing and developing my own independent teaching and training projects.

I am CELTA and DELTA certified and also an approved CELTA tutor. I have been involved in a number of teacher training programmes, running seminars and online courses with British Council Latvia and Malaysia, and co-operating with RIIMC and the Ministry of Education of Latvia.

My BIG DREAM is to give education the respect and attention that I think it deserves. I would like to promote a holistic, learner-friendly, and high-quality approaches to teaching and learning, working towards making education more personalised and creating dialogue not just with students, but also with their parents, teachers, and educational autorities.

The mission of my company is to CREATE effective learning strategies and opportunities for both teachers and learners, SHARE holistic practices through my training courses, and INSPIRE my students and my colleagues to work together and create modern, effective, and affordable educational solutions worldwide.

If you would like to know more about my work, my beliefs, my ideas and projects, or also if you have any fun, creative, and daring projects that you think I could be a good fit for, don’t think twice – just drop me a line!

I look forward to working with you.