Celebrating Language Teacher Development

With the European Day of Languages just gone by and the World Teachers’ Day on its way, I think it’s the right time for me to celebrate both and pilot my first online teacher development course.

Certificate of Training

This one is aimed at providing soft guidance and support to:

  • newly qualified (e.g. post-CELTA) teachers;
  • teachers who feel they are not getting enough support and development in their schools;
  • teachers who would like to become more student-focussed and flexible in their teaching;

The course offers two different feedback options:

  1. GRP (guided reflective practice) – weekly tutor commentary on the content of the reflective journal – ideas, suggestions, questions for further reflection, etc. Ideal for NS teachers and NNS teachers who are not interested in focussing on the development of their written English.
  2. GRP + Focus on Writing offers an added benefit of having your writing corrected and commented on to help you improve your written English. Aimed at NNS teachers who feel they need help in further developing their writing skills.

Click here to learn more about the course and to apply.

I am really excited about this course and I look forward to running it many more times!


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